Block Bone Graft

What is a Block Bone Graft?

A block bone graft is a common dental procedure performed when the bone that supports the teeth (alveolar bone) has atrophied or resorbed.  This condition is routinely seen when the teeth have been missing for a long time.  It results in an alveolar ridge that has insufficient bone to support dental implants

Rebuilding the original height and width of the alveolar ridge is not medically necessary, but may be required for dental implant placement, or for aesthetic purposes. Dental implants require bone to support their structure, and a block bone graft can help rebuild this bone to accommodate the implant.

How is the Oral Surgery Accomplished?

A bock bone graft is accomplished by harvesting a solid piece (block) of the patient’s bone from an area unrelated to the site that is being augmented.  The most common location is the back of the lower jaw.  This bone is shaped to fit the defect and secured to the site with fixation screws.  The gum tissue is then stretched over the increased bulk and closed tightly with sutures.  The area must heal for approximately 5 months before the implants can be placed.

A block bone graft procedure is typically performed in Dr. Eggert’s office under general anesthesia.

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